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NEW Müesli and Cinnamon Müesli Cereals by Eden Foods

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16 April 2014

N<span style="font-size:0.77em;">EW</span> Müesli and Cinnamon Müesli Cereals by Eden Foods

Clinton, Michigan - Eden introduces Müesli and Cinnamon Müesli cereals, both superlative as hot or cold cereal, a snack, and baking ingredient. Both are made of North American family organically grown whole grains, dried fruits, and seeds.

EDEN Müesli contains three organic 100% whole grain flakes • rolled oats • rye and • spelt wheat. They contain organic • raisins, dried • wild blueberries, and dried • cranberries for sweet, tangy texture. Roasted, lightly salted organic • pumpkin seeds and raw organic • sunflower seeds lend richness and crunch. EDEN Cinnamon Müesli includes organic • cinnamon Cinnamomum cassia that adds efficacy and flavor.

The three grains are separately gas fire, ceramic kiln, roasted. While still hot they are stainless steel rolled into flakes, bagged, and shipped to Eden in Michigan where they are blended with the other ingredients. EDEN Müesli is packaged in a reclosable standing bag chosen for its protective qualities. The bags's oxygen, moisture, and light barrier features work to retain and protect freshness, flavor, and nutrients.

A Swiss physician Dr. Maximillian Bircher-Benner and his wife first created müesli for patients in their hospital around 1900. It became popular throughout Europe as an efficacious, versatile, and delicious cereal mix.

EDEN Müesli is to be enjoyed as cold or hot (3 to 5 minutes to cook) cereal, as is as a snack, or for use in baked goods. A good source of protein, fiber, and thiamin B1, very low sodium and rich in magnesium. No chemicals or refined sugars used in any ingredients. EDEN Müesli is excellent in the morning. It provides lasting energy and a healthful tone for the day. kosher pareve Pure and Purifying

Eden Foods is a 46 year, independent, principled natural food manufacturer offering more than 400 authentic, organic, traditional, pure foods. All are superb pantry fare. Information and over 1,100 free recipes are at www.edenfoods.com. We ask retailers, institutions, and co-ops to please visit us at access.edenfoods.com.

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