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Japanese Ocean Currents

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Of our eleven Japanese sea vegetable items, nine of them come from the Ise Bay, well south of Tokyo and just north of Osaka on Japan's east coast and, so far, not impacted by atmospheric or oceanic drift of radiation. Prognosis for steady supply seems good, although price pressures began immediately. Air current dispersion models that we are monitoring show nothing reaching this seaweed producing area. Additionally, ocean currents around Japan are very favorable for taking seawater radiation directly away from Eden's sea vegetable producing area in the Ise Bay. (Please see the chart below.) Eden Kombu is from Hokkaido and tsunami damage to the crop is still being assessed. Ocean and air currents look quite good for avoidance of nuclear waste becoming involved with kombu. One totally destroyed Eden sea vegetable supplier was Riken and their Sanriku wakame flakes. The crop and village of harvesters were completely destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami.

Ocean currents surrounding Japan map


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