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Wisdom is Love in Discerning

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5 August 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In selecting the foods we offer and eat, we do so out of need to nourish and a love of life and everything in this magnificently ordered universe. We make loving decisions in choosing food, how it's acquired, its handling and distribution, by always referring back to the question, "What will best encourage life?" We focus on primary sources of contamination or degradation of food in protecting it. As the oldest natural and organic food company in the United States and Canada we have considerable experience, practice, and knowledge in this. Focused will and firm persistence is demanded. Opposition to pursuit of purity shadows us and creatively works to wear down our resolve. Vigorous faith in the correctness and necessity of this goal keeps us going.

Nature is the great provider. We simply have to keep man's meddling and tampering with it to a minimum. Shortsightedness and laziness are always involved in adulteration and imitation of food, almost as common is greed. Flimsy arguments are used in trying to hide this.

Eden Foods encourages everyone to be knowledgeable, questioning, actively involved food buyers, as we are. There is great need for civil society to become caring about and involved in the kind of food that industry feeds us. The social, political, medical, mental, and spiritual damages of big agribusiness should not be allowed to continue, but they do. The criminal destruction of water, air, and food quality is only possible while society remains apathetic.

Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge is responsibility. Genetically engineered flora designed to encourage or make toxins that kill life and poison the environment is insane. Disinformation, societally pervasive and perpetrated with enormous funding, is only continued because we accept it. Truth in advertising is long gone. Government agencies meant to look after the peoples' well-being are diverted from this with disinformation and very big money to serve the misguided corporate interests of the funders, socially subjugating us in monoculture.

Help us encourage cultural diversity and purity in food, agriculture, air, water, and land use.

Wisdom is love in discerning.

Please become involved with us in discerning and determining what is appropriate food for humanity.

Michael Potter, President

©2016 Eden Foods, Inc.