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Price Increases

January 2009


Oil costs $150 a barrel, no, make that $40. The Dow is at record highs, no, make that record lows. Everything is safe, everything's in peril. News these days is a cascading roller coaster; uncertainty, difficulty, and greater costs follow.

The most amazing change we've seen this past year are cost increases like we have never experienced. Unprecedented in my life time and perhaps in history, both in variety and size. Shocked is what we've been by them. All of us bemoan higher food costs and they compel me to share the following:

Cardboard all up 18% November 1st
Steel cans up 47.5% January 1st
Durum wheat up 75%
Red Wine Vinegar up 22.4%
Pinto Beans up 31.25%
Aduki Beans up 21.7%
Black Turtle Beans up 21.2%
Glass up 9% December 1st
Kamut up 67.2%
Rye up 50%
Popcorn up 41.5%
Garbanzo Beans up 16.7%
Navy Beans up 21.2%
Barley up 51.4%
             Organic Whole Grain Flakes up an average of 35.6%

Please know our Purchasing Department does excellent work and continues to deliver to us quality and value far beyond alternatives. We do not utilize the cheap Chinese path that our competitors have taken. We remain fixed in our mission of cream of the crop, local, organically grown food that sustains and ensures its own supply while best nurturing ourselves and our loved ones.

The network of growers whose food we eat and share is the finest of its kind in America. Although every efficiency is employed, there is never compromise when it comes to nurturing and protecting vitality and purity.

If the majority of the so called organic food and feed consumed in the USA were grown here instead of imported from China, Mexico, and South America we would all be enjoying significant efficiencies and lower costs for what is grown here. We'd also be polluting far less. Regrettably this is not the case as cheaper and cheapest organic food is sought.

The 'natural products' industry is awash in imitation and adulteration, cleverly and skillfully costumed as natural products. Government policies, business ethics, social morality, and accountability are at all time lows and represent an enormous challenge to those seeking bona fide pure food. Avoiding avarice trying to acquire bona fide pure food should not be the daunting task it is. Help with this wherever you can.

Please demand authentically organic American grown food whenever possible, and thank you for the decades of support.

Michael Potter, President

©2017 Eden Foods, Inc.